About the Podcast and La Shaguita

La Shaguita during a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland

La Shaguita during a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland

Hi everyone! My name is La Shaguita. I'm the host and producer of Lesbihonest Podcast. I'm a world wanderer who strongly believes in the value of love, vulnerability and exploring the intersections between self and society

Lesbihonest was born in 2014 when I was going through my first lesbian breakup. The show is an exploration of lesbian rights, culture and visibility around the world; with insight into the highs and lows of woman-to-woman romance along the way.

What's new?

Right now I'm in the U.S. South interviewing lesbian, queer and bi identifying women about what life is like for them in their respective locations.  It's been inspiring to see that despite the challenges, people are continuing to live their truths and promote positive change.

Upcoming episodes include interviews with the pastor of an LGBTQ-friendly church in the heart of the Bible Belt, queer activists in the Texas-México border region and a challenging conversation with my first lady love, who still believes that homosexuality is a sin despite her continued attraction to women.

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