Join Me at Dinah Shore!


I'm proud to announce that I've been selected to be a VIP Media Partner at Dinah Shore this year, from March 28-April 1st in Palm Springs, California. On this page I'll keep you posted about all things Dinah-related, so stay tuned for updates and even an opportunity to win a free ticket (or two) to the Wet and Wild Pool Party!

My very first and unforgettable Dinah crew, in 2017

My very first and unforgettable Dinah crew, in 2017

Press Releases straight from the Dinah team

"Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend Amps Up the Volume on Women Empowerment Teaming up with Outfest, Tello Films and Revry; The Dinah Sets to Push the Envelope Forward for Female Perceptibility in Entertainment" 

Palm Springs, CA – For many, The Dinah is an annual tradition between friends; for others it is a bucket-list goal, a pilgrimage to our very own Mecca that every queer woman should make at least once in her life. No matter what the impetus for attending is, The Dinah is for all a unique opportunity to experience one of the most bonding, liberating and transforming festivals ever in the spirit of sisterhood and community.

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